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Repairing a Door

Repairing a Door

I made a video showing how I repaired a door. This door was out of plumb, level, and square, with loose hinges. It was almost impossible to lock the deadbolt because it was out of alignment. Now it works great.

Fill holes with expanding foam spray

How to Fill Holes with Expanding Foam Spray

I use Pest Block insulating foam sealant to fill small holes and large gaps around the outside of the house. Mice, rats, and bugs can chew through regular spray foam. The special variation of Great Stuff “Pest Block” foam solves this issue.

Pipe insulation in crawl space

How to Insulate Pipes in a Crawl Space

I posted a video on Youtube showing how to insulate water supply pipes in a basement crawl space. You can watch it or read the transcript.