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Replace Smoke Detectors

Replace Smoke Detectors

replacing smoke detectors
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I made a short video showing I replace common hard-wired smoke detector units. You can watch it and read more info about smoke detectors and fire alarms below.

Smoke detectors are part of a fire alarm system. You should have working smoke alarms in each bedroom, and more.

You should test each of your smoke detectors every month. You should replace backup batteries every year. You should replace your smoke detectors every 10 years.

Find more info at www.usfa.fema.gov

Different smoke alarms use different technologies and are exposed to different environments, so in different cases may need to be replaced sooner. For example, a smoke detector that has been exposed to excessive dust, maybe because it was not protected during construction or remodeling, should be replaced urgently. Some, but not all, smoke detectors will chirp frequently to signal when they should be replaced.

I can test your smoke detectors and check their dates of manufacture to see if they should be replaced. I can install long-life battery-powered smoke detectors or replace (some) hard-wired smoke detectors with equivalents. (I do not install new complete fire alarm systems.)

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