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Prefinishing and Installing Wood Doors

Prefinishing and Installing Wood Doors

Prefinishing and installing wood doors
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I prepared to install these vertical grain Douglas fir wood doors in my garage workshop in Kenmore, WA. In this video I show you the process of sanding, cleaning, and spraying clear coats of semi-gloss spar urethane finish on doors and trim. 

Then I installed these nice prefinished doors and trim at my customer’s house for their entry closet. I show you that process too. 

This home improvement makes their entry way look so fresh and clean. They love it!

The cool tool I showed in the video is an edge corner plane that cuts a nice round 1/8” radius on the corner of wood boards. It’s great for finishing sharp corner edges of wood which were cut on a table saw. Get one for yourself here: https://amzn.to/3MSSsMb

If you want to finish and install wood doors, you can learn to do it yourself from this video. Or you can hire me to do it for you.

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Video Transcript

I got these doors that I’m about to finish with clear coat. It’s really nice clear vertical grain Douglas fir from the local forests of the Pacific Northwest. Got to sand them down a bit, make sure that the wood is all uniform. Sometimes they have little scuff marks or mill marks. This is actually super smooth, just a couple of little spots.

Even if it’s nice and smooth, still want to sand it all just real lightly. And then whatever finish you put on it, stain or varnish, it’s going to stick a lot better and last longer

This is a handy little sanding tool here. It has a profile that works pretty well to a clean up these grooves. It also works on the flats but I have this old one had forever. It’s a little bit heavy and it works really well on the flats, but not in those little grooves. So I have those two on. One 60 grit on these , something like that.

Yeah, 160 or 180, very fine sand paper.

It’s a lot of work, but a nice wood door like this, you want it to be perfect.

Look real nice with three coats of clear spar urethane varnish, Minwax Helmsman brand, pretty good stuff. It’ll turn it a little bit more yellow-ish than it is right now.

It will preserve the wood really well and give it a nice semi-gloss finish. Beautiful.

Checking on my bunny rabbit, eating carpet again, and she’s got a snack bowl right here, but she’s eating carpet instead. Get away from there. Look.

Yeah. All right. The first door, all sanded there and I was going to the same to this one. It’s actually pretty good, but just to be safe, I’ll give it a sanding, but they come pretty good from the shop, but I’ve got to get a few scuffs off here and there, that little thing, and I’ve got to ease the edges.

Edges are a bit sharp. Sanding it helps kind of round the edges off a little bit, makes sure that it takes a good finish.


Yeah, let’s see have these one by threes that I’m going to use for baseboard. They’re matching what’s already existing in the house.

These two are going to be the jambs of the door. And this is going to be the casing of the door. I’ll give these a light sanding and these are the clear coat as well, and I’ll do it before I install. These are actually one by sixes, but I need to cut them to a width of about four and nine sixteenths, which will fit my walls.

So I’ll do this…

This is a cool tool. You see how on the end of the, around the edges of the boards here in are eased. So they’re just a little bit rounded over, you see that. So this tool can be used to make that eased edge. I think it’s calledan edge easer. I don’t know. I’ll see if I can look it up online and put a link in the description. Maybe Amazon and you can buy it there.

Covering the floor here. Getting ready to PSHHT spray clear coat. Going to do three clear coats on this material. Urethane.

I screwed a board up on top to hold. And then I’ll screw one more up here and then these doors won’t move at all. And I can walk all the way around and spray them all sides at one, one time, it’s really nice. Down here at the bottom you can see I’ve set them up on blocks.

I’m gonna wipe it, wipe everything down with this tack cloth. It’s a cloth that has just a little bit of sticky stuff on it. And that it will pull the last bit of dust off of everything. That way when I spray it, there’s no dust on there, you just wipe it down real lightly.

I’ve already vacuumed it and wiped it down with a damp cloth, this is the second move. You use one side and gets dirty, and then you flip it and use another side, and then you can also unfold it. So you get about a dozen sides out of one of these cloths.

This is a handy little gun. Helmsman’s spar urethane. 3M 6001.

Hey, I’m out here, just getting ready to install these closet doors . Got everything lined up here. All pre-finished with three coats.

I just finished putting in the jambs for the doors, got them nice and straight and plumb with a level. And I’m going to put this track on the top of the door and are on the top of the door frame. I should say the opening and also the hardware on top of these doors.

Mark two inches there in the center.

Going to mark outa little doo-dad like this

Alright, there we go. Another one done. On to the next one.

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