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How to Repair a Water Damaged Wood Door

How to Repair a Water Damaged Wood Door

Repair a Water Damaged Wood Door
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I posted a video on Youtube showing how to repair a water damaged wood door. You can watch it or read the transcript below. https://youtu.be/hXynHyOGfsk

People often don’t realize that doors should be sealed on the top and bottom. And this one here got wet. So it’s all swollen and split and barely salvageable to be honest, but I can make it work. You can see here, it says warranty void, if not sealed six sides. 

So good reason to seal your doors on all six sides or make sure that your painter does. I have these doors, MDF, already all painted a long time ago. It looks like they were sitting on the floor and got wet. I’m not sure exactly how, but you can see they’re all swollen cracked. 

So that’s the bottom. So I’m going to repair that. That I’m gonna glue it and clamp it together. And then a little bit of planning and sanding to get everything straight and flush again. So it’d be that on several doors there.

Let’s see, I’ll get started.

All right. So I got the first one all glued up. Glued and clamped.

Let that set for, I think it needs to be clamped for at least half an hour or so. I’ll probably give it about an hour and come back to it. Pull the clamps off. I might put a couple of pins there in the corners. We’ll see about that and continue on with the rest of the doors.

All right. Here’s one all done. Just like new. Just needs a little bit of touch up paint. There we go.

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