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How to Insulate Pipes in a Crawl Space

How to Insulate Pipes in a Crawl Space

Pipe insulation in crawl space
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I posted a video on Youtube showing how to insulate water supply pipes in a basement crawl space. You can watch it or read the transcript below.

Pipe Insulation – Agile Remodeling Handyman – Kenmore, WA

 I’m down here in a basement crawl space insulating the water supply lines. The main reasons to insulate your pipes in your crawl space; 

In the winter and the case of an extreme cold snap it could get below freezing you might have burst pipes you can save a lot on flood cleanup by preventing it, and also on plumbers bills for repairs on burst pipes.

For the hot water pipes, you can conserve heat  which will save you money on your heating bill.

It will also keep the water from being freezing cold when it comes out of the tap,  so there’s a comfort issue there. 

Foam pipe wrap comes in different sizes and it’s  split down the middle. You get the appropriate sizes for your pipe so you have a nice snug fit and no gaps. Then just go like this. I already started this one,  now put this one on here… 

Now this black steel line here is actually a gas line. You can see, it’s also connected to this flexible yellow gas line and those don’t need to be insulated because gas won’t freeze.

Where you’ve got bunch of corners and angles funky stuff you can buy  prefabricated pieces of the foam pipe wrap but they’re pretty costly and they don’t always fit every situation.

A universal way to do it is to use this fiberglass pipe wrap insulation on a roll.

Now I’ve unrolled some of this fiberglass insulation here, and I will simplay wrap it all around all these joints. A piece of tape. Hold it together.

No, it’s not the most elegant assembly, but it’s serves the function. Seals up all those little gaps and keeps the cold out. You can also use this same fiberglass pipe wrap installation on odd sized pipes.  There might be a larger pipe that you don’t have the split foam available for that size.

You can wrap this all around it, but it’s pretty time consuming and actually this material is more costly. 

If you’re going to crawl around in, under your house, I recommend wearing a dust mask at a minimum because a lot of times there’s a there’s plenty of old dust there’s particles coming off installation,  sometimes there’s mold, dead mice, rats, live vermin too sometimes.

I guess I shouldn’t say it’s too easy, but you can do it yourself or you can hire me   I’ll do it for you. so there you go. Fun, fun, fun.

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