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How to Fill Holes with Expanding Foam Spray

How to Fill Holes with Expanding Foam Spray

Fill holes with expanding foam spray
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In this video, I show how to fill holes with expanding foam spray.

I use Pest Block insulating foam sealant to fill small holes and large gaps around the outside of the house. Mice, rats, and bugs can chew through regular spray foam. The special variation of Great Stuff “Pest Block” foam solves this issue. It is recommended to fill gaps up to 1″. 

If a hole is too big, other materials can be used, such as bricks and mortar. In some cases, I’ve found that using a combination of wire mesh screen and Pest Block expanding spray foam makes an insulated and reinforced barrier to keep out pesky rodents or birds. 

If you do it yourself, be sure to wear gloves and keep rags handy to clean up quickly. Spray foam mess is hard to remove from hands, clothing, or just about anything else it gets on. 

Don’t completely fill up the holes. The foam will expand about 150% its size while drying. If you put too much, it’s usually easier to remove after it’s dry, then it can be cut off neatly with a knife or small hand saw.

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